Good Hope

cape of good hope

Many centuries ago, burnt out sailors were on the verge of giving up to the vast ocean. They had been sailing south, for weeks, knowing very well that they needed to sail east, then north. The sailors were sailing south because their east and then north route was blocked by a huge land mass; Africa.

So they kept on sailing and sailing until one day, they encountered a cape; the much sought after eastern route, was found, and documented for the very first time by Western sailors. They called this cape; Cape of Good Hope!

Follow their amazing voyage step by step from their maiden Ocean Route 1 to the final Ocean Route 9.

Super Special Regatta

Ocean Route 1

Ocean Route 2

Ocean Route 3

Ocean Route 4

Ocean Route 5

Ocean Route 6

Ocean Route 7

Ocean Route 8

Ocean Route 9.

These are some of the interesting destinations on the round the world sailing circumnavigation:

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